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Please email me an address I can attach the pictures I spoke of and or have the service man come back to verify that the original foam put in the two cushions that came with the couch I purchased in good faith were sub standard.

These Pictures were captured by SEWilco, a freelance journalist writing for Wikinews.

Kidney stones can be caused due to less intake of fluids, consuming calcium based food products, higher intake of tomato, rice, Potato, etc and consuming Non-Vegetarian food like fish and meat and liquor.

In most of cases it is found that kidney stones occurrences are hereditary as well.

tlf 41482151 Jeg har også TPMS ventiler og kloningsudstyr på lager.

I sent the email below to them 7 days ago and still have heard nothing back May 31/17 To all Brick Management.

In some cases blood may pass as stone gets out of kidneys.I said to the girl if you want to send the guy back to check out the other cushion that's no problem..said she'd call me if that would be necessary.. so naturally I thought the Brick were going to order two new foam cores...(I think that's what the guy called them). But your man got here with just one inner foam core to replace...I called and spoke to Jessica no less than 6 times during the 3.5 months I've been waiting...Larger and Harder the stone causes greater damage to Kidneys.It is always recommended by doctors to drink around to flush out kidneys and remain healthy.So, after he left I thought I better try sitting on the other cushion and did that on and off for the next 2 days..result was the same, the cushion just went super soft again making it seem like the springs had broken...

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