Screen updating

But about half way through installation my screen goes black and I have to hard reset my computer.

Right now I'm running off of my integrated r7 card, but I would love to use my actual card again.

Hi, I recall from VB/VBA that, when working with forms, you could switch the screen updating off when performing some long process and then switch it back on again, the point being that the code would run faster as it didn't have to keep re-drawing the form - also the app's appearance would be better as you wouldn't be left with a 'half-drawn' form image as the processing was being carried out. Cheers Pete I don't see anything in the Forms class about this.

Or if I try enabling the card in the device manager, I get the black screen crash.Does anyone know if there is a way in the autohotkey application to turn off screen updating when running a script? I have some scripts that continually go back and forth activating different windows very quickly which can bog down the PC. hmmm, if you mean that you have scripts that activate a window and then do things to the window you might what to look at controlsend, which allows you to send input to a window that is minimized or inactive. It is taking the action behind the scenes without bringing the window to the foreground.Hi all, I have a macro that executes ~200 queries which modify the data, create some tables etc.The url is Ed : Resize Form Controls You can use the Inside Height and Inside Width properties of an Access form to dynamically resize controls at run-time.

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