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It also recorded more than 10 billion hits through various online videos sites, reflecting Yoona's popularity in China.

Tired of being typecast with a candy-like image and having always been burdened by the idol-actress prejudice, Yoona cast away the public perception and focused on the role as her "personal challenge".

She has matured to the point where you want to ask, 'When did her acting get so good?

' The criticism that trailed behind her during Cinderella Man is now nowhere to be found." The drama's viewership ratings peaked at more than 2%, which was described to be "a huge success" relative to China's large population.

She went on to major in theater studies and graduated from Dongguk University in February 2015, receiving a lifetime achievement award at the graduation ceremony.

Younha began to dream about becoming a singer alongside her favorite artists.The drama achieved viewer ratings of up to 41.5%, and Yoona received wider public recognition.In March 2012, Yoona was cast in a lead role alongside Jang Geun Suk in KBS2's drama Love Rain, a fantasy drama about fate where the offspring of an ill-fated couple who met in the 1970s, meet and fall in love with each other in the modern era. Yoon Ga-ee of OSEN wrote: "The speed at which her acting is improving is blinding.She claimed that she went through as many as 20 auditions.Quickly, Younha's Japanese skills advanced so much that she surprised even the staff around her.Netizens who have captured this conversation online praised the singer for her honest remark over questions on her weight loss regime, specifically with the use of carboxy shots treatment, which is normally kept quiet amongst celebrities.

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